Shed 18: the Allodi company carries out the excavations for the connections to the underground services and lays the foundations for the elevation of the new buildings.

There are no demolition works to be carried out because they have been anticipated by the safety works concerning another previous contract.

Removals related to the restoration of the masonry walls are provided in which a careful stoning of the plasters is performed, taking care to safeguard traces, signs or other historical features which, in good state of conservation, must be maintained.Plasters that are integral with the masonry must not be removed; after this operation a low pressure washing treatment is carried out with the aim of eliminating the non-cohesive or detached layers.

The project for the Capannone 18 of the architect Andrea Oliva, continuing the concept adopted in the Tecnopolo, provides for the conservation of the existing structure, through the recovery and consolidation of the perimeter walls and iron structures. The roofs are partially eliminated, in compliance with the typical building, to allow the passage of natural air and light, the direct views of the offices and laboratories and the sunshine of the beds on the ground.

The original architecture thus redeveloped, will accommodate the wooden volumes that will house the new functions: the Shed 18 will therefore be a large “covered square”, a place of collective spaces and relationships, under which full and empty elements will be articulated. linear and volumetric elements, public spaces and private spaces.

In the Shed 18 the original architecture circumscribes the relational space as a monument, on the one hand preserving history and memory, on the other hand leaving to the new volumes the dynamic role of organizing and stimulating relationships and assigning to the building the most wide of public building, urban stronghold, space for the city.


14 December 2017